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Sort by extension for Magento improves customer experience by adding sorting options worth customers’ interest. Allows easy controls in backend to enable/disable/set default sorting options. Enhances customer experience on product listing/category/search result pages by providing more sorting options.  Easy controls in the admin panel provide a facility to enable/disable/set default sorting options.

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There are certain industries such as fashion where constant improvements and revisions of products occur.  Customers who prefer online shopping also seek to see new and trending items.  Sort by New and Popular products for Magento 1 extension adds the sorting options on Magento 1 product listing pages which will let the customers sort the products by new products, bestselling items, most reviewed products, heavily discounted products and top-rated on product listing pages as well as search results pages.


  • Sort by new products:  The sorting feature of new products is implemented on the base of the Magento’s out of the box feature auto new products and creation date. So if you are using product image labels (New, Sale, etc.), this extension will show the ‘New’ badged products on top. So, your customers will always be confident about the new arrivals. To sort the products by ‘New Products’ it has used Magento’s native ‘Set Product as New from Date’ and ‘Set Product as New to Date’ attribute. Additionally, it uses created_at field of product table to sort the products.
  • Sort by popular products: The sorting feature let customers see the highest selling products on top.  It builds confidence in customers about the products.  Top selling – popular – sorting works based on the number of quantities sold for a product.  They are working automatically so the admin does not need to set any product attribute for it. To sort the products by ‘Popular’ it finds the Best Sellers products according to the quantities orders. If you want to provide sort by Best Sellers ‘Popular’ option would do the job.
  • Sort by most reviewed products: The ‘most reviewed products’ sorting brings the products on top which have got the most number of reviews. The customers who are buying the product first time can get some insights about the products which have got more number of customer engagement and review comments.
  • Sort by highest rated products: The ‘Highest/top rated products’ sorting option can be used by the customers to choose the product from a category which has satisfied more customers. It is one of the crucial criteria to choose a product from tons of products in a category.
  • Sort by most discounted products: If you use Magento’s out of the catalog pricing feature or special prices, this option will let customers see the products on top which have heavy discounts on regular prices.

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Version Support, 1.8.x, 1.9.x


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